Background Information

Wind is one of the many purchasable basic elements that can be bought for 300 Diamonds. Most of its spells are based on close-range attacks but offer stun damage. Its spells take the appearance of white translucent whirlwinds that dissolve after the spells expiration. Wind is able to manipulate velocity and also give stun damage, which is useful for stun combos or getaways.


Wind consists of 5 spells. Each spell is used to produce different forms of damage.

Wind Cannon

The caster summons a large cannon of wind that if any player gets caught in its spell will be flung far, stunned, and take high damage upon interaction, by the direction of the spell is heading. The spell can also deteriorate/distinguish certain projectile spells which is also useful to stay out of trouble. The spell diminishes 250 mana, grants 25 EXP, and has a 5 second cooldown.

Wind Tornadoes

The caster summons a consecutive number of tornadoes that upon interacting, will stun the victim and give high damage per hit. Each tornado takes the appearance of white translucent whirlwinds that do not collapse upon impact. Instead, it walks through the wall. The spell diminishes 300 mana, grants 30 EXP, and has a 7 second cooldown.

Wind Ascend

The caster ascends to the air by summoning a trampoline-like elastic whirlwind. Any player that is in the radius of the trampoline will receive high damage upon interaction and stunned for a few seconds. The spell itself can be used as decoys and combos which is beneficial in some ways. The spell diminishes 350 mana, grants 35 EXP, and has a 6 second cooldown.

Spiral Spin

The caster transforms into a spiraling whirlwind which acts as a transportation spell but clearly is not. Any player that interacts with the caster will be stunned and receive high damage. The spell diminishes 400 mana, grants 40 EXP, and has a 10 second cooldown.

[ULT] Wind Gust

In pokemon terms, its a weak flying type move. In EB terms, it is an ultimate where the caster chooses an area and summons the spell. The caster kneels down, absords wind power and later is surrounded by a hurricane-like whirlwind. Any player caught in its large radius will be stunned, take high damage in total, and be spun around. The spell diminishes 1000 mana, grants 100 EXP, and has an 85 second cooldown.

  • [Wind Cannon] Victim gets pushed by the direction of the cannon
  • [Wind Cannon] The spell may also be used to help avoid incoming attacks heading for friends or party members
  • [Wind Tornados] Victim is tripped and stunned while taking medium damage
  • [Wind Ascend] Vicim is stunned while taking high damage
  • [Spiral Spin] The victim receives high damage and is shortly stunned after impact
  • [Wind Gust] Player gets sucked in its whirlwind taking sets of low damage