Background Information

The Water Element is one of the three starter elements you can buy in tutorial mode. This element contains a diverse selection of moves ranging from high damage to stuns. Each move mostly contains blue and some may have lighter shades of blue. Most of its spells are long ranged while some are based on accuracy and the radius of the spell. Water sounds inevitable in terms of dodging but with speed, it is possible.


Water contains a move set of 5 spells, each spell produces damage in different ways.

Water Beam

The spell allows the caster to summon a beam of water that depends on accuracy. Upon striking the target, it will stun them for a few seconds and deal high damage ranging from 320 - 375 damage per hit. Any player caught in its radius upon landing a player or the earth will have the same fate as a beam successfully striking their target. It diminishes 250 mana, grants 25 EXP, and has a 5 second cooldown.

Water Stream

Bullets of water that create mediocre damage. Each bullet does a range of 30 - 42 damage. If used properly, it will be of great advantage in combos. The more power used on it, the more amount of bullets will appear. The spell diminishes 250 mana, grants 35 EXP, and has a 6 second cooldown.

Water Tornado

The caster summons a tornado whose victims get sucked up in and deals short damage per second while in its body. By using teleportation skills such as Lighting Flash, the vicim is able to escape the tornado and its stun damage, ranging from 35 - 45 damage per second. The spell diminishes 350 mana, grants 35 EXP, and has a 9 second cooldown.

Water Tumble

The caster summons a board of water that transports the caster to a nearby area at a very short pace. The distance it travels is very short. But, if a player hits it, the player will deal ranging from 250 - 285 damage. It diminishes 200 mana, grants 20 EXP, and has an 8 second cooldown.

[ULT] Water Dragon

The caster summons a dragon of water that seeks a player through its caster's mouse. If located, the dragon will trap the victim, ascend to the sky and wait, then attack the victim creating a cyan-blue explosion. The victim deals a range of 498 - 550 damage plus a range of 40 - 75 stun damage. The spell diminishes 1000 mana, grants 100 EXP, and has a 70 second cooldown.

  • [Water Beam] When you coincidentally kill your vicim
  • [Water Stream] Multiple bullets of water creating a fair burst radius.
  • [Water Tornado] A tornado of water that sucks anyone in its radius dealing stun damage.
  • [Water Tumble] Player taking damage from touching the water board.
  • [Water Dragon] A dragon that seeks a player through the casters mouse then traps, waits a few seconds, and initiates