Background Information

Shards are one of the two main currencies used in the game. To obtain shards, there are multiple ways of obtain it:

  • Killing Players
  • Leveling Up
  • Drop Zones
  • Drops Rains

Killing Players

Every time a player kills another player, they get 10 shards. To get multiple sets of 10 shards, a double kill, triple kill, quadruple kill, etc.. must take place and the victims must die all at once.

Leveling Up

By leveling up, you are given an amount of shards based on your level. The higher the level you are, the higher you will be given shards.  

Drop Zones

For the full guide to drop zones, click me.

But to summarize, there is only ONE drop zone for every map. These drop zones are in or near special places and will always offer diamonds and shards that spawn from time to time to be collected. Standard Map is an exception as the drop zone is the open field and will periodically spawn shards.

Drops Rain

Drops Rain is an efficient way to gain diamonds and shards for players rich in robux as it costs 150 R$. NOTE: Buy it after arriving at the drop zone of your choice. Once bought, a storm of diamonds and shards will fall upon the ground, it will repeat this until the invisible timer is down to 0:00.