Mega Grass is one of the few mega-sized versions of the original map. This map is undoubtedly inspired by The Grass Element. The area strongly resembles a forest, specifically dense forests. The map consists of 7 safe zones and a large tree that might be the tree of life. The map is mostly composed of green that resemble nature, as well as brown which resembles the tree trunks and the land.

Drop Zone

At the highest peak of the tree of life, lies the Drop Zone. To reach the Drop Zone, one must travel through an ascending spiral staircase that leads to the highest peak of the tree, or, walk up the large roots of the tree, find the longest vine visible by the side of the trunk and climb upon it. This will lead you to the Drop Zone in no time as it is the shortcut rather than taking the stairs.

Special Places

Beyond Level 225

Developers recently revealed on 12/25/17 that it is possible to go beyond the maximum level which is 225. They also hinted out the "Change Map" button which indicates the easter egg is in another map. The results ended up here, in the Mega Grass Map. However, in order to join a server, it is required to be at least level 100 or higher. Originally it used to be very desolate in terms of players. But as of the reveal, players are now populating the map. NOTE: Maximum level is 1000. Here are the steps to go beyond level 225:

  • Join a Mega Grass Map Server.
  • Once entered, enter out of safe zone.
  • Revolve around the tree of life until the long vine is located.
  • Keep strolling along to the right of the tree with the vine until you find two roots adjacent to each other that has a passage way in the center.
  • Enter the room and find the Chaos Knight ahead of you.
    • Passage way to the secret room that is beside the tree vine.
    • Secret room where The Chaos Knight lies.
    • Chaos Knight beside a purple mushroom house.
    • Offer to Level up beyond 225
    • Taking the offer of the Chaos Knight in exchange for 10,000 Shards. Now you are able to level up beyond 225.

Note: In order to go beyond Level 255, the player must have his  or her experience bar filled up. Once you arrive, interact with the Chaos Knight. The Chaos Knight will offer you a level up in exchange for 10,000 Shards. Once accepted, the player will increase by 1 level. The player may repeat this process but requires a filled up experience bar.